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About Andmam Contracting

Andmam Contracting

Leading The Construction Industry Through Professionalism

Meet The Team

At Andmam Contracting, we view our team as our single most valuable resource, and as an organization, we empower and encourage them to achieve superior results.


Hamed Al Fajeh

Project Manager

Nuhman KT

A Modern Construction Company

From concept to creation, Andmam Contracting helps you develop a plan you can build on and deliver successful projects by working with its clients while ensuring structural stability and aesthetic appearance.

We believe that the strength of our practice is based on the quality of our people and the clients we work for, who enable us to create successful projects. A critical difference between Andmam Contracting and other firms is our approachability; we work as our client’s trusted advisors to deploy a project that meets their business objectives.

Our Clients


Innovate each project with no exceptions.

Our team members will prove themselves to you through your project’s success and quality.


Always overdeliver to our clients.

We will move forward using our company’s core values to establish mutual trust and give you what you need.


Build things that inspire people.

Through the investment of our time and resources, we are committed to building a better community.